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A couple weeks ago I went to have my oil change and my tires checked. I asked them to be sure to check the tire in the back on the driver side.

The gentleman say he check the tires twice and everything was OK. The next day I was on my way out of town, as soon as I got on Ohio turnpike my tire blew off. The same tire I told them to check on the driver side on the back. I called AAA they found out one of the bolt was loose.

I had to buy a new tire. That was dangerous we like to got hit by a Tractor trailer. I call the company to explain what had happen. Because the gentleman that check the tire said if I have any problems to that him know.

The lady that answer the phone she was so sarcastic with me. She said that they will check the tape and let me know. I haven't heard anything and not planning on hearing from them. I miss the old manager.

If they had found any thing wrong they would had fix it or told me what to do.

I had three friends I was sending to grease monkey I call them and said DON'T GO. I have photo I don't know how send them.

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You knew enough to be concerned about the tire. When they reach that point, they must be replaced.Just because it seemed OK on Monday does not mean it will survive Tuesday ...

especially on "the path to perdition" otherwise known as The Ohio Turnpike, where the state flower is an orange cone and they have sightseeing trips to look at the grand canyons in the roadway.

If your tires are of concern, replace them. My Grandfather, a professional driver, mentioned that your entire vehicle is supported by just a few square inches of rubber tire surface and that tires are the best guarantee for the money for your safety.

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