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My issue with grease monkey is that when they change my oil they always refill it over the full line. They also do nottighten down the oil filter or oil plug.

When I go home and park my car in the garage I have to put cardboard under my car to check for leaks. Last time I lost half a quart on the floor. That brought it down to the full line because it was overfilled in the first place. They also overfill my transmission fluid.

Then when I take it back they getBelligerent with me and they cop an attitude. I sometimessyphon out the overfill so I don't have to return there to deal with them. Once I had to go to another car service to have it redone.

So I had to pay double. As you can tell I'm not very happy with their staff at the Janesville service center.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grease Monkey Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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